“Our female target market is not age driven but creative driven”

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Our Story

OSCAR & SADIE was setup in July 2015 by a Mum, Lucy Jessup who had been out of the workforce for almost seven years looking after her children, Oscar and Sadie; and in particular her son, Oscar who has Down’s syndrome.

The initial idea of the business was for Lucy to source beautiful products in Asia and Australia to sell at local markets in Sydney. This way she could continue providing the care needed to Oscar whilst having a creative, flexible job. That idea has grown into a small, boutique online Women’s leather handbag, wallet and jewellery business selling product to Australian and overseas customers.

Based on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, we pride ourselves on selling beautifully tailored, soft leather quality handbags and wallets to women all around the world. Originally Lucy was buying other designers leather handbags wholesale and selling them in her shop. Now all Oscar & Sadie handbags and wallets are Lucy’s own original designs. Lucy’s love of colour and design and travel has found her working closely with an Indonesian family designing her own leather handbags and wallets that have become her Oscar & Sadie brand. Lucy also supports two other small family businesses in Indonesia who design and manufacture jewellery.


Oscar & Sadie’s original pieces are designed for women who love colour and texture. Our leather handbags and wallets are beautifully tailored in sheep skin and goat skin focusing on quality, comfort and practicality. Our products are for women who like to have fun and don’t take life too seriously; they are bold, colourful and have that boho edge.

IMG_4116 Shan red bag 1

“It was both daunting and exciting stepping into the world of retail with no real experience except knowing what I liked and what felt and looked like good quality. The business has grown and evolved and I am constantly learning; not always making the right choices first time around. However I am learning to trust myself more and more. I am learning to ask others, to see advice from people more experienced and to keep on going. It hasn’t been easy and it still isn’t but it’s incredibly rewarding and I thank every single person who has supported me from the bottom of my heart as this business has enabled me to have the flexibility to be there for my son, Oscar who has Down’s syndrome and for my daughter, Sadie too.” Lucy Jessup, Owner.

The Jolo was inspired by Lucy’s love of a medium sized bag with lots of pockets that can fit everything a busy woman needs without losing everything in the bottom of the bag. Lucy loves this bag because it’s super comfortable to wear with a thick shoulder strap and has a retro funky feel in it’s design. It comes in a number of gorgeous colours and is made from goatskin leather making it soft and durable at the same time.

Shan green bag 1 Shan brown jolo bag 6

As this business idea organically grew Lucy decided she wanted to make it more than just a business and include her own personal journey with her son, Oscar who has Down’s syndrome so she can offer stories, help, advice and an ear to other people who are touched by someone with an intellectual disability. She also saw it as a long term opportunity to raise money for the special needs community.

Our Blog page not only shares our story and encourages others to share theirs and comment; it also explains our LONG TERM MISSION. To build this business so one day Oscar & Sadie can financially give back to the special needs community. If you wish to share on or view our Blog then we would be thrilled to hear from you.

The Dreamhouse

In 2014, Lucy watched the ABC documentary ‘The Dreamhouse’ and this inspired her to setup OSCAR & SADIE. The Dreamhouse was an experiment to see if three young adults with intellectual disabilities who had been fully dependent on their families, could come together and live in a community home harmoniously with twenty-four hour carer support….. read the full story in our blog here

Women of all ages love shopping online with us finding items that they love, feel special and represent them.

Oscar & Sadie’s promise to our female customers is to bring you affordable, unique, quality; leather handbags, wallets and jewellery.

The company’s long term mission is to build the business to a point where we can help change the futures of young adults with intellectual disabilities for the better by financially supporting independent living and working initiatives in Australia.

We are thrilled to have you browsing and shopping in our online store. PLEASE HELP US WITH OUR MISSION

Support us, share our store with your friends, shop with us and help us to build a business so we can help change the futures of young adults with intellectual disabilities for the better.
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