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Life with Oscar – Our Family Blog


Hi Ho Hi Ho It’s Off to Camp We Go!

Oscar is going away this weekend for his first EVER camp and weekend away from home. I am nervous and super excited for him. I am also away this weekend for a girl’s weekend. It

Stan the Man

Recently I have witnessed two very magical moments between Oscar and one particularly special and unique boy in his class, Stan. I wanted to write about these moments because I am so blown away by

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Life is Complicated BUT I want him to live it…

I just watched the Australian Story episode about two young adults with Down's syndrome, Michael Cox and Taylor Anderton and their desire to get married and start a family. It viewed on TV just a

So Simple to Do and Such a Fabulous Result

Do you feel like you spend your whole time nagging your children? Get ready for school! Pick up your clothes! Where are your shoes? Brush your teeth for the ten millionth time! Just put your

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An Important and Treasured Friendship

  Above photos: Oscar & Rosie My phone buzzes ‘message in’. It’s one AM in the morning. I scramble for it half asleep and open up the message. It reads as garbled scrawl. “Dad hi

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Please Don’t Use That Word!

    I have been in a quandary for a few days now about whether to write about this or not but it’s something that I can’t seem to shake off so I feel I